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See & Supervise with Sonavision™

SonaVision®, Sonitrol's business video surveillance solution, lets you see what's going on 24/7. SonaVision allows Sonitrol's operators to see what's happening anytime an activation signal is received. And you can use SonaVision to remotely manage operations at your business facility. Working in concert with Verified Audio Detection, Access Control, and any other modular components of your Sonitrol security system, SonaVision offers greater security for your commercial property. Take a look at what SonaVision can do for you.

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Video technology can be a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft. It can also provide evidence and help protect you from false slip-and-fall claims and similar threats. Sonitrol provides a state-of-the-art business video surveillance solution that is as advanced as our intrusion alarm technology

We use the latest digital video technology for continuous, automated recording and clear images that never degrade. What's more, our commercial security cameras, digital video recorders and ancillary equipment can integrate seamlessly with Sonitrol verified audio detection and any other modular components of your Sonitrol security system for even greater security.Sonitrol CCTV Lexington, KY