The Sonitrol Story


In 1960, Al Cronk, a retired police officer in Anderson, Indiana, saw great potential in an invention by a local inventor Bob Baxter. Mr. Cronk felt there should be a better security system that would do two things, 1. Reduce false alarms and 2. Catch burglars. Mr. Baxter had invented a sound detection system he was using to detect termites in walls and Mr. Cronk saw the potential this could have in detecting and catching burglars as well as reducing false alarms. The system was soon modified to be used as a security system and Sonitrol was born. Today, Sonitrol is in approximately 180 cities throughout North America and is the only security company with an audio detection and verification system that is responsible for apprehending over 170,000 criminals nationwide and has the lowest false alarm rate in the industry.