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5 Things Schools Should Know About Verified Security


Copper Theft is Still Prevalent

Copper theft, commercial security, verified audio

Today's security technology can protect much more than what is inside your commercial building.  As copper theft is still prevalent in Central Kentucky, many business owners have turned to Sonitrol of Lexington to help protect their facilities.  The copper found in a variety of materials at most businesses is actually not worth a lot to the criminal - but the damage caused to the business owner's property can be vast. Here's some facts about copper theft, and what you can do to protect your valuable assets.

Audio Verification Prevents False Alarms in Lexington

audio verification, verified alarm, false alarm, false alarm prevention, alarm companies lexington

If you live in Lexington and are responsible for a false alarm of any sort, you will be fined - business or residential. However, Lexington law does stipulate a number of circumstances under which you may be able to appeal these fines. The first three circumstances listed have to do with faulty installation and improper monitoring by the alarm company itself. Several have to do with false triggers of sensors: pets, rodents, cleaning crew accidentally tripping alarms, items in the building that fall or break.

Video Surveillance for Car Dealerships

video surveillance systems, camera systems, camera system for business, remote view video, business video surveillance, IP cameras, car dealership security

Any big business should have video surveillance and car dealerships are no exception. In fact, because car dealerships tend to cover such a large area full of expensive equipment, they tend to become targets for thieves. There are a number of ways to prevent theft at your dealership, but installing high resolution IP cameras is probably the most effective way to protect your co-workers, clients and vehicles. There are three major reasons why video surveillance systems are among the most important investments for a car dealership to consider.

Safer Environment for Workers and Clients

Both customers and employees will benefit from knowing your car dealership is protected by high-definition security cameras. A good surveillance system conveys a subtle but significant sense of professionalism and sophistication that does not go unnoticed among potential customers or would-be thieves alike. By cultivating a safe and secure environment, you can certainly improve your dealership's reputation for protection while also giving you peace of mind.

Prevents and Deters Theft

The high resolution IP cameras dominating the security market right now offers the unmatched image quality any serious car dealership needs. Car dealerships going without high quality video surveillance systems are susceptible to vandalism or theft. Continued instances of catalytic converter robberies have sparked renewed interest in video security as copper theft continues to be an ongoing issue. As copper continues to increase in value, so will copper theft increase. Car dealerships should upgrade their video surveillance systems to stay a step ahead of criminals.

Records Evidence

If a robbery occurs, members of law enforcement or other investigators will often ask for video footage to help track down suspects. Without video evidence, it can be very difficult for police officers to effectively investigate the crime that took place. High resolution IP cameras are especially useful for businesses like a car dealership because of the sheer volume of inventory and how closely each car is parked to one another across the entire lot. Other times a fight may break out on the lot among customers, or perhaps a work accident occurs, in which case having video footage can be very helpful. Any number of unforeseen events can and will occur, so it is vital to be prepared.

There are so many reasons to look into the different video surveillance systems available to purchase for your car dealership. You do not want to wait until something bad happens to have a surveillance system installed. The right security cameras will protect your assets, employees and customers from theft. 


Bates Security Honored With Local Award


5 Tips to Protect Your Lexington Business from a Break-In

verified audio detection, security systems lexington, alarm companies lexington, alarm system for business, alarm verification, access control,

Good business security can provide peace of mind while preventing robberies or acts of vandalism. Protecting your business from a potential break-in and theft is essential to cultivating a safe environment for your workers and clients while protecting your merchandise. 

1. Find Weak Spots

First, take a walk around the premises. Look for damaged windows or other entry points that should be repaired or better secured. No one knows the schematics of your business better than yourself, but it may be a good idea to have your business evaluated by a security professional to make sure all potential blind spots or weaknesses are taken care of.

2. Use Verified Audio Protection

One security system component that can come in handy is a verified audio protection system. This system works by 'listening in' to what may be a potential break-in or a false alarm. Sound-sensitive alarm systems are triggered by abnormal sounds and, when activated, are immediately monitored by a security specialist. In the case of a false alarm, the professional monitoring your business can simply reset the system without notifying the police or calling your home late at night. False alarms can also cost you money in fines if they happen too often, so audio protection can also save you money.

3. Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance is one of the most important components to a good business security. In the case of a break-in, having video evidence of exactly what occurred and when can help law enforcement officials identify suspects. In the case that a thief is caught and taken to court, video evidence will be crucial in the hearing. Video surveillance can also protect your business from possible employee theft.

4. Access Card Control Systems

There may be areas in your business where high-dollar equipment or assets are stored. Alternatively, it may be a good idea to transfer anything worth stealing into a room that is secured by an access card. Having an access card control system installed is an excellent way to limit entry to certain rooms or sensitive information both during the work day and after hours. Assuming a robber manages to break-in to your business, he or she would have a second obstacle to contend with.

5. Advertise Your Security

After having all your security equipment installed, make sure each window has a sticker or sign that indicates that the premises is protect by a security company. By simply placing the security company's name at different entry points around your business, many potential thieves can be immediately convinced to move on to less protected property. 

By securing your business with these fives steps, you can sleep safe and sound after work knowing your business is protected from a break-in. Investing in professional business security is the best way to protect your business from intruders or vandals. 

Why Video Verification is Better Than Plain Old Surveillance

video surveillance systems, camera systems, camera system for business, remote view video, business video surveillance, verified video, verified security

Security systems for schools, retail environments, residences, warehouses and many other settings are evolving, with modern technology leading to higher apprehension rates, fewer false alarms and more comprehensive protection. Two of the key advances in security technology have been audio and video verification, which allow operators to instantly listen to or view the area in which an alarm has been tripped. The monitoring station then verifies that an event is actually taking place before dispatching emergency services.  There are many ways in which video verification makes security more efficient and effective.

How to Manage Information Security in a Mobile Workplace

How to Manage Information Security in a Mobile Workplace, security in a mobile workplace, information security, local alarm companies

With nearly one-fifth of the people in the world with tablets or smartphones, mobile technology has changed the dynamics of marketplaces around the globe. As more companies invest resources in the telecommunication infrastructure required to build a mobile workforce and market effectively to tech-savvy consumers, the management of information security has become more challenging.

How to Keep a Safe Workplace

How to Keep a Safe Workplace, business security, alarm companies lexington, employee theft

Whether you are a business owner or employee, keeping a safe workplace for your employees and customers should be top of mind.  With modern technology, protecting your employees, customers and business is easier than it has ever been! However, ensuring a secure working environment still requires some degree of know-how. This article explores tips for making sure your workplace remains safe and secure.

Why Monitored Security Services Are Important for Businesses

alarm companies lexington, monitored security services, commercial alarm system, alarm system for business

Your security is essential for good business and safety of customers, employees and all people involved. High quality monitored security takes the pressure off you so that you can focus on generating customers and income.

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