• Safe Schools

    According to the National Education Association, every hour of every school day, 900 teachers and more than 2,000 students are threatened. The Safe Schools program helps but the focus back on learning.

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  • Industry Solutions

    Whether you run a small shop or a booming operation, your business is vulnerable on a variety of fronts. With the help of our state-of-the art technology, Sonitrol can offer you solutions.

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  • Every Dollar Counts

    In an industry study, just over two dozen U.S. retailers reported shoplifting and employee theft losses of more than $4.7 billion in a single year. Sonitrol gives retailers peace of mind.

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Sonitrol of Lexington, Inc. is the largest privately owned and operated home alarm system and commercial security company in Central Kentucky and for the last several years, has ranked as one of the Top 100 Security Companies in the country, per SDM, a leading industry magazine. We have accomplished this by focusing on providing strong customer service and using leading technology. In Lexington, we maintain our own LOCAL Customer Service Center (CSC) in order to insure all your business security needs are handled professionally, quickly and efficiently.

Access Control Systems


Intelligent Access Systems

Our Access Control System can save you the trouble and expense of locks, help you to track movement throughout your facility and allow you to restrict access by location and/or time of day.

Intrusion Detection


Verified Audio Detection

Our sophisticated listening equipment has helped us catch over 155,000 criminals. This is something no other security company has been able to do.

Business Security Cameras and Video Surveillance


SonaVision™ Digital Surveillance

Imagine being anywhere in the world and still being able to keep an eye on your business. it is possible with Sonitrol's (SONAVISION) digital video surveillance.

Business Fire Alarm Systems


Fire Detection & Sprinkler Monitoring

Our fire detection system uses the latest technology to detect smoke and heat before it destroys your property.

Our Clients